P_Park area 450 meters | interior design by   4Rooms   Design

Total area: 450 m 2 .
Location: Moscow.

The house, with an area of ​​450 meters, in the Moscow region was built 9 years ago. The owner, in love with wooden housing construction, at first did not attach importance to some congestion of space with wood. And only over time, he realized that his passion for beautiful wooden textures, due to their redundancy, did not allow them to reveal themselves in all their beauty.

The first thing the designer did was to try to balance the space through fabrics, draperies, lamps, metal and art.
The highlight of the project was Yan Kath rugs, which brought meaning to the living room space by organizing disparate pieces of designer furniture into a coherent ensemble.

The carpet, imitating a saw cut of an age-old tree, logically connected the decoration of the bedroom and the garden outside the window.
A photograph of a Buddhist monk by Nicola Kostic breathed peace into the owner’s office, which is so difficult to achieve in the bustle of days, and for which this house was built, immersed in a man-made sea of ​​trees.